What You Need To Know To Land A Sugar Daddy

Land Sugar Daddy

There is always areason a person does the things they do such as signing up on a sugar dating website.

• A sugar baby may feel motivated to sign up to get a leg up in her career, she may be inspired by the money she can make, or it may be the fact that she wants to feel loved and cared for.

• A sugar daddy may want a guilt-free girlfriend-like experience, someone to share wild nights with, a woman that won’t judge him for having such youthful energy or someone he can take care of and love.

Whatever the reason, a sugar baby’s job is to uncover what it is a sugar daddy is missing in his life and how she can feel the void.

How To Know A Sugar Daddy Is Right For You

Here’s a good example:

A sugar baby gets involved with a workaholic entrepreneur – he works constantly, and when he isn’t working, he still thinks about work-related things. He didn’t make time for himself on the weekend, get involved with hobbies or even socialize.

It appeared he was a good catch – he wasn’t married, had any kids and was still fairly young, wealthy and cute. He also had a nice personality. He just hadn’t been in a relationship in the last few years.

He felt he needed to date certain types of women – smart, refined, funny and sweet. He knew his work would come first and have to cancel diners, forget anniversaries, birthdays, etc. This would cause him to experience fights and guilt trips or women dumping him for somebody that had time for a real relationship.

He didn’t miss the drama that came with a typical relationship, but he did miss being in a relationship.

What he was missing was a guilt-free, no obligation kind of relationship. He wanted a girlfriend but one that didn’t make him feel bad about his habits of tending more toward work than her. He didn’t care to spend money but time away from work was what he cared about. He didn’t want to stress about a commitment, but he still wanted to have fun.

Once the sugar baby realized what this sugar daddy was looking for – and knew their personalities would mesh just right – it was going to be a fruitful relationship.

As you see, when you first start talking to sugar daddies, you want to keep your eyes and ears open to find out what the sugar daddy is missing in his life. Most sugar daddies are workaholics who have little time for entertainment. Learn what he’s looking for and what he wants so you can give it to him. If your personalities are right for each other, you’ll be his missing piece, and you’ll get what you’re looking for.