Get Your Sugar Daddy To Pay For A Vacation

Sugar Dating Vacation

Everybody knows how nice it can be to get out of town and do something. However, if a lack of funds impedes a sugar baby’s chance of “getting away,” she has the option to ask her Sugar Daddy to fund her travels. And, depending on the kind of sugar daddy a sugar baby has, asking him to fund that trip for two can be rather easy.

Discuss His Travels

If you’re talking and things seem to go quiet, ask him about his travels – where’s he gone, what did he do, what kinds of things did he take an interest in there, etc. People don’t admit it, but they like talking about their travels. When you want a vacation, talking about his vacations makes him think about what you may be getting at. It may even stir him into thinking it’s time for another vacation, which may spur his decision to ask you to come along.

Do Some Research and Be Subtle With Your Hints

There is so much information about travel on the Internet; you can easily and subtly drop the hints about where you’d like to go on vacation. Have you recently read an article about Sweden or France? Did you hear something fantastic about Hawaii or Japan? Let your sugar daddy know about it and how you’ve always thought it would be nice to visit. He’ll get the point, and it demonstrates to him that you’re smart when you stay on top of current events.

Use the Alone Time Angle

If your sugar daddy and you have hardly any alone time, consider bringing up the fact that a vacation for two means alone time – just you and he. This is even better if the cell service is spotty. A vacation can lead to lots of alone time full of fun and intimate moments.

Use The Sexy Wardrobe Card

Has your sugar daddy recently purchased a lot of sexy swimsuits to wear, but you’ve got nowhere to wear them? It’s time to bring up the vacation idea. Let your sugar daddy know that you appreciate the gifts and that you’d love to wear them but don’t have anywhere you can wear them to. A vacation allows you to wear them for him that’s outside the bedroom.

Word Of Caution and Play It Safe

It doesn’t matter how badly you want to go on vacation, if you’re “Spidey” senses are telling you not to go away alone on vacation with a sugar daddy, listen to them. You need to be smart about who you date – in life and the sugar baby world. Don’t let your desire to travel to overrule your common sense.