5 Tips To Make Your First Sugar Daddy Date Go Successfully

So, you’ve been talking to different sugar daddies via email or chat, and finally found a couple you think you could enjoy spending your time with. You decide it’s time to meet with the sugar daddies you’ve been talking to but are nervous about your first sugar date with them. After all, the first sugar date can make or break the potential relationship you could have with them. When you’re out and about with your potential sugar daddy – out enjoying the fine dining he’s treating you too – how do you ensure it goes well?

Have Fun First

Your first date is everything, and even if you think the allowance is the most important thing, it’s not. The most important part of your first sugar date is to have a good time and some fun. Your potential sugar daddy may not find you the person they are after, but you have the opportunity to charm them. Have fun – it’s the best impression you can give. Should it not work out like you hope, you still had a good time.

Talk To Them About Their Interests

If your date is to be successful, you need to talk with your sugar daddy about his interests. This means going over past conversations in chat or email. Learn what they like and dislike. Use the information they provided you before to learn more about what they like during the date. Actively listen to them while they talk, sharing your insight and asking when you feel it’s necessary.

The idea is to keep the conversation going – to keep his interest in you up.

Dress Nicely

While some sugar daddies want you to be their arm candy, others would rather you look casual and elegant. Use their preferences and likes to dress for them. For a first sugar date, you want to look nice with a well-thought-out outfit that still offers some fun and class.

Be Positive and In The Moment

You have a lot of things on your mind during this date. You may be wondering if you’re underdressed or overdressed. You may be scared that he doesn’t like you or how you’ll get through the next month without some help.

Don’t focus on the issues you have, but instead, focus on your potential sugar daddy. Show him that you’re focused on him and only him.

Remain Safe

No matter what kind of dating you’re doing – sugar daddy or traditional – you need to stay safe. Pick a place – with a lot of people – to ensure you feel comfortable. While your sugar daddy is likely to pick the restaurant, you can always make suggestions. If he tells you that he’ll pick you up, politely refuse and just ask for money for a cab.